Information for Ukrainian refugees (English)

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions by Ukrainian people in the municipality of Dijk en Waard. We will keep this page up to date as much as possible.

Reception and accommodation 

There is one municipal reception location: Transferium in Heerhugowaard. Ukrainian people who arrive in this region are transferred from the central arrival hub in Alkmaar to Heerhugowaard (in the municipality of Dijk en Waard) and other places in the region of Alkmaar. In Dijk en Waard we will receive at least 217 people for a minimum of a few months.

More information about support for refugees from Ukraine upon arrival, registration and accommodation in the Netherlands can be found on this page of the central government website.

Yes, you must register with the municipality of Dijk en Waard. You will be registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) with the address of your stay. A few days after registration you will receive a citizen service number (BSN number) from the municipality.

A citizen service number (BSN) is required to:

  • be allowed to work
  • open a bank account 
  • apply for health insurance
  • receive living allowance

Make an appointment 

Call+31 72 575 55 555 to make an appointment for registration. The registration takes place at the town hall in Heerhugowaard (Parelhof 1, 1703 EZ Heerhugowaard). Please bring your Ukrainian passport or ID card with you to the appointment.

The municipality will inform the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) after registration. The IND will start the residence procedure. This may not happen immediately after the registration.

Registration without Ukrainian passport or identity card 

  • Children of families fled from Ukraine can be registered without proof of identification. 
  • Adults without passport or identity card need a ‘certificate of identity’ from the Ukrainian embassy in order to register at the municipality.
  • People from Ukraine with a different nationality can register with the municipality if they have their identity papers and lawfully resided in Ukraine.

When you are registered with the municipality in the Personal Records Database (BRP), you will receive your BSN number a few days after registration. You can register at the town hall in Heerhugowaard. Call +31 72 575 55 55 for an appointment.

Work and income 

Yes, you will receive a living allowance as of 1 May 2022 if you fled from Ukraine and are currently staying in Dijk en Waard. A letter with information about the living allowance will be sent by the beginning of May at the latest. You can only receive living allowance if you are registered with the municipality. You will stop receiving the allowance when you have a paid job, with the exception of voluntary work.

Living allowance is an amount of money that Ukrainian refugees receive from the municipality to pay for their daily needs such as: food, clothing, other personal items, public transport, family visits, sports and/or a contribution to the host family. Host families do not receive a financial compensation from the municipality of Dijk en Waard. Ukrainian refugees can themselves make agreements with their host family about the contribution they will make to the housing costs of the host family, but this is not mandatory.

The municipality of Dijk en Waard follows the national guidelines regarding the amount to be paid out. The amount depends on the family situation.

Municipal reception Private reception (host family)
Adults: € 260,- per month Adults: € 475,- per month
Children: € 260- per month Children: € 315,- per month

The amount is paid out on a money card. This is a debit card into which the municipality deposits the amount and which can be used to pay in a store. It is also possible to withdraw cash at an ATM. The municipality pays the living allowance every 1st of the month.

Transferium residents receive their moneycard in Transferium. Ukrainian refugees in a host family can make an appointment at the town hall or by calling +31 72 575 55 55 on workdays between 9 am and 5 pm. To receive a money card, you must have a citizen service number (BSN number), telephone number and email address. All family members must come to the appointment (including children). There is no interpreter at the town hall, if desired, you can bring your own.

Any changes that affect the living allowance, such as more/less family members or income from work, must be reported immediately by email to:
Please correspond in English or Dutch and always state your citizen service number (BSN).

In case of loss or theft, you must report this immediately by sending an email to Please correspond in English or Dutch and always state your citizen service number (BSN) We will immediately block the money card. When we ascertain departure, misuse of the money or fraud, the pass will be blocked.

If you have any questions about living allowance, you can contact the municipality of Dijk en Waard (in English / Dutch) via the email address:

In order to work, you must be registered with the municipality, take out Dutch health insurance and open a bank account. If you have found a job (or voluntary work), your new employer must register you with the UWV at least 2 working days before you start working. 

Register at the municipality
Make an appointment for registration with the municipality via +31 72 575 55 55 if you are not yet registered. After registration you will receive a Citizen Service Number (BSN), which you will need for work and other important matters.

Take out health insurance
If you work in the Netherlands, you must take out a Dutch health insurance. You can find and compare health insurance policies at the website of Zorgwijzer (English). To take out health insurance you will need:
•    Citizen Service Number (BSN)
•    Employment contract
•    Address in the Netherlands

Open a bank account
In order to have your salary paid out, you need a bank account. You can open a bank account at almost all banks in Dijk en Waard. Information about which documents are required for this can be found at (Ukrainian).

More information about work and income for refugees from Ukraine can be found on this page of the central government website.

The ‘Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen’ (ABU) created an information brochure for Ukrainian refugees about working through an employment agency, what you should pay attention to and which employment agencies are members of the ABU. The folder is also available in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

View folder

You can apply for an international credential evaluation at IDW. The evaluation indicates the value of your foreign (Ukrainian) diploma and education in the Netherlands. An evaluation costs € 148,83. You can also contact IDW for questions about the evaluation of international diplomas and education. 
More information: (English)

Education and childcare

Yes, children who have fled Ukraine have a right to education.

Primary education (4-12 years)

Children from 4 to 12 years old can start with language education at primary school De Regenboog in Heerhugowaard. This is a school for newcomers. You can register at De Regenboog:

Phone: +31 72 721 08 07
Address: Taxuslaan 32, 1702 SC Heerhugowaard
View the website

Secondary education (12+ years)

Children from 12 years and older can take international language classes. Registration goes through Brigitte Rimann (coordinator language classes) of the Trinitas College:

Brigitte Rimann
Phone: +31 72 574 10 21

If you have problems with transport to school, please send an email to:

More information about education for refugees from Ukraine can be found on this page of the central government website.

You can participate in Dutch language lessons for free:

  • Every Monday from 2.30 pm to 4 pm in Transferium
  • Taalcafé every Friday from 10 to 11.30 a.m. in the library in Heerhugowaard: Parelhof 1A in Heerhugowaard, view the website.
  • Taalcafé every Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 to 11.30 a.m. in the library in Zuid-Scharwoude: Bosgroet 4 in Zuid-Scharwoude, view the website.

In addition to learning Dutch, the library also offers a free subscription to borrow books, use the computer (1 hour per day) and print credit.

You can also follow a Dutch language course (18+) via the ROC Kop van Noord-Holland. The registration form and information can be found on the ROC website. The municipality will reimburse the course if you are registered with the municipality. Since there is currently a lot of interest in the language course, you will most likely have to wait a few months before you can start. 

Children of Ukrainian refugees can go to childcare in Dijk en Waard, but the costs are not reimbursed by the government. Ukrainian working parents are not eligible for childcare allowance. As an alternative, you can look for other forms of childcare, such as babysitting by other (Ukrainian) parents and volunteers or organizing morning/afternoon playdates in Transferium.


For urgent medical attention: call the emergency number 112

At Transferium (reception location)

Residents can visit general practitioner Max Caffa in Heerhugowaard. The consultation hours in Transferium ended on 6 May. For dental care there is a list of dentists in Transferium.

Outside Transferium

If you do not stay at Transferium, you can contact a local general practitioner in Dijk en Waard.

Medical expenses

There are no costs for basic medical care if you fled from Ukraine and do not have a Dutch health insurance. You are required to take out Dutch health insurance when you have a paid job.

Basic medical care includes (among others) care provided by general practitioners and dental care up to the age of 18 years old.

More information about healthcare and health insurance can be found on the website of Zorgverzekeringslijn (also in Ukrainian) and on this page of the central government website.

Public transport

Once you have a safe reception place in the Netherlands, you can no longer travel for free inside the country. You then must buy a ticket for public transport:

  • For the bus you can buy a ticket at the bus driver
  • For the train you can buy a ticket at the ticket machine or service desk at the train station
  • You can plan a trip at 

More information

All (host families with) Ukrainian refugees in Dijk and Waard can visit the following consultation hours in Transferium, De Vork 16 in Heerhugowaard.

Weekly socio-legal consultation 

Daily consultation

  • Every morning (weekdays) from 11 am to 12 pm there is a consultation hour in Transferium for questions about healthcare, education, registration with the municipality or other matters that you need to arrange in Dijk en Waard. The residential counsellors from Transferium and the social organization 'Wonen plus Welzijn' are present during the consultation hours.

Evening consultation (with interpreter)

  • For people who work during the day, there is a consultation hour every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm to ask questions about matters that you want or need to arrange. Transferium's residential counsellors and an interpreter are present during this consultation.

Arrived from Ukraine and in need of help? Contact the WhatsApp helpline of the Red Cross for guidance:
+31 6 48 15 80 53.

The Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation is a non-profit platform established in 2014 that supports the needs of Ukrainians living in the Netherlands and provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine, especially in the occupied territories. More information can be found on the website of the foundation.

Refugees are vulnerable to becoming victims of human trafficking and exploitation. Many people offer help, but unfortunately not everyone can be trusted. Comensha in collaboration with the Red Cross, RefugeeHelp, La Strada International and FairWork made a special flyer for Ukrainian refugees to warn them against exploitation and human trafficking:

English (png, 482 KB)
Ukrainian (png, 488 KB)
Dutch (png, 488 KB) is a web application that you can run in your browser. This allows you to speak Ukrainian to your phone and the recipient will hear it translated back into Dutch, and vice versa. Additional advantages: it’s free, nothing needs to be downloaded and privacy is guaranteed because of the anonymity.

Information about pets that came with their owner from Ukraine or Russia and information for people with whom the pet is staying, you will find on the website of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).


We would like to refer you to the above information, organisations and websites for more information. If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) or if you want to offer help, please send an email to: